A Night

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Thank to You for always guide me, bring me to meet some people which have different characters and different perspectives, so that I can learn something new I still dunno about. Just like last night when my friend stay at my home, she invited me to discuss about something that I've never heard before. Also she criticized me about my some bad characters that really troubled her, and maybe the other people too. Some I receive, some I refuse. I know I'm not as clever as her, she has a huge knowledge in some cases, but I know who I am, I know who is my Creator, I know who is my true idol. I know I didn't really looking for deep information about the other religions, because I want to start with my faith first. I want to know about Allah first. Soon, I will learn about the others too, so that I can be more open minded, be more humble, be more respect. Just like my idol, Rasulullah saw. :)

Thank you, Na, for your suggestions. I really appreciate you. Hope we can be a good friend.


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1 komentar

  1. Terkadang, masukan dari seorang teman itu memang the best advice ya kak. Kita bisa tahu diri kita dari pandangan objektif orang lain.


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