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Sunday, July 05, 2015


Dunno why, this morning I really wanna write something. Alhamdulillah I have a smartphone now.. (finally.. after waiting for a long time, hehe.) Hope it can make it easy to write anytime and anywhere. Before I write this post, I read Mbak Meykke's Birthday wishes on her blog, that's so good wishes I think, it also makes me realize with my own wishes. Thank you, mbak.

So, Allah, Thank You for everything You have given to me, guide me always so i'll always in Your way. Allah, because of You, I met so many amazing people there. Help me to leave my laziness so that I can create an amazing thing like they did. Give a good impact for everyone around me, help other people, and always do my best to live my life. I really wanna make people happy because I'm being around.

Allah, I know You love me, then help me to always love You, love Rasulullah, love my parents, and everyone of course. Help me always.

Okay then, start from now zia, do what you have to do, your time is so short in this dunya. Let you hurry and good luck!

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2 komentar

  1. Hello, mbak Nur! It's a pleasure to me to read your post (finally). HHHHH

    It's funny when i found your name written on that BE's awards announcement, but i didn't realize you are new gyerz from East Java! Hahaha, this is a bit embarrassing.

    Okay then, Just make it sure to always be a *tut tut tut tut

    1. ....

      what makes you so confident, huh? Just give me at least one possible reason why i need to repot-repot be your stalker! Hahahahaha. I'm even starting to be worried that the only possible thing is... you might be my stalker! ._.v


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