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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hi! This time, I will share about something I've been learning. It's related with my passion, writing. But, it's more than writing. It's COPYWRITING! Have you know what copywriting is? If you are a blogger who has an experience writing product review, I think you know it. Especially if you are a person who work on creative industry, such creative agency as copywriter, I won't deny that you are the expert one of copywriting. ;)

I write this post for everyone who still dunno what is copywriting and really want to learn it by self-taught, especially for my friend, Fitri--who now is little excited to know about copywriter profession.

Okay, let we start from its meaning.

What is Copywriting? According to Aprilina Prastari on her JW Communication Module, Copywriting is the art of selling through the words. Sometimes we need to use straightforward words and in the other time we need to use romantic words.[1] And according to Tom Albrighton on her ebook The ABC of Copywriting, Copywriting is the optimum use of language to promote or persuade. Copywriting is all about finding the optimum way to communicate. The professional copywriter is always looking for the right answer: the right length of copy, the right structure, the right tone, the right choice of words. Diligent copywriters are convinced that there is a single best solution, and they’re driven to find it. Like Coleridge, they want to achieve ‘the best words in the best order’.[2] 

For Pleasure Seeker. Do you ever heard that statement? If yes, you would remember Magnum ice cream, right? That was copywriting work!

I have three tips for you who want to know more about copywriting. I have been doing this for few months. Okay, here we go!

Read. Yups, the first step is reading as much as we can. I read some creative books, copywriting e-books (I downloaded it free, sometimes I bought it), reading marketing magazines, reading copywriter's posts on their blog, and anything related with copywriting.

See and Listen. Just see and listen how people get interaction, listen their problems, listen the story about their activities, just see and listen to anything that makes you more sensitive to the surrounding. It will help us when writing a good copy for our target.

Practice. The most important part that has to do is practice what we have learned. Find a product you want to sell, then make your own copywriting. We can write copy for TVC (TV Commercial), Radio Ad, Print Ad, Brochure, etc. Practice it everyday if you can. :)

Okay, that is all I could share for you. I hope it works on you!

*FYI, actually, I'm still student who now spending the last semester for doing thesis. While doing it, I'm also joining copywriting online course. Insya Allah, I'll take an internship (again) at creative agency for two months while waiting the graduation. Wish me luck.. Thanks for reading this article and don't forget to give some critics or suggestions in the comment column. :)


[1] Aprilina Prastari, Modul 1: Copywriting, Jagawudhu Communication Academy.
[2] Tom Albrighton, The ABC of Copywriting, ABC Copywriting.

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  1. Blog is a a good battle area to practice writing. All article we have published will be read and commented by visitor.

    Thank for the tip.
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