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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Assalamu'alaikum !
i try to write a new post using English, haha. I really want to improve my English, Ya Allah ><

Hi, guys. Today i wanna write about someone who inspired me. His name is Reiga B. Tomahesa (Hello, Mas Reiga! i'm sorry for writing about you here :p ). For a few days, i'm so confuse when thinking about the future. I want to continue my study, but i don't have enough money so i should to get a job first after graduate in this year (Insya Allah, on October), then save the money while looking for a scholarship. don't want to bother my parents anymore. But, sometimes i want to be an entrepreneur, build my own agency with some friends. Last night, i read an article here. It makes me got a fire to build an agency soon. Aaaaarggh.. really confuse to choose one of them. Get a job in Jakarta and continue my study, or be an entrepreneur after graduate ???#$@$@%* Suddenly, i remember his suggestion (Mas Reiga).... i forget the detail, but i still remember the main of his statement. "You should focus on your ability." Hm, yes, he's right, i have to focus on writing. Just spending the last semester to focus on writing while doing thesis. So when i have my own book, i can use it as my portfolio, so that i can ....... yeah, no need to publish this one, not today :3 haha.

So, who is Mas Reiga?

Mas Reiga is An Art Director when i took internship at Syafa'at Marcomm. And now, he work as.... just continue reading :D

How i can inspired by him?

During took an intern at Syafa'at Marcomm, i see that he is the real hard worker and creative thinker. He always show his best at work. Although he ever "bully" me about ikan ayam. Ugh, i'm still shy if remember that day, hehe. After i go back to my hometown, i got the story from Pak Kamno that Mas Reiga was resign. :( Hmm.. I think he knows what he's doing. And a few weeks ago, i heard that he won a competition. His entry is chosen being new logo of Jogja

Now he has new activity, after i stalk his twitter HAHA, i saw two word.. "Creative Consultant"! WOW, Mas Reigaaaa~ you such a cool man for your wife and your two little kids, of course. :p So, now you become a creative consultant, uh? sounds cool, My Big Brother! XD

And why i should listen his suggestion?

Because it's just about the passion. Yes, all the things you do during this is related with your passion. So do i, all i have to do is just follow my passion. Writing. Yes, my heart ask me to follow it. Thank you for doing some inspiring things :)

(( be patient, be grateful, be sincere ))

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5 komentar

  1. The creative people always have quote "follow your passion" or "focus on your ability". That right, the reality if you do what you love (work with passion), you'll have a good progress on working. Because you love to doing that (working) and no pressure at work :)

    Your passion will become your the ability of what you love :D

  2. actually.. kulo mboten ngertos what is that.. but nice post :3
    good job fauziah *3star for you

  3. Coolll.... Yes He is! a very cool guy but you too Fauziah.. I also love to write.. Your post about him is true! he is inspiring a lot of people.. Nice Fauziah, keep your passion :)

    1. Yups.. Aku panitia Pinasthika, tepatnya Sekretaris Pinasthika, yang ngurusin semua mua mua muanyaa... Yang Zia telpon-tepon juga :D

    2. Siipp... Aku pake WA di nomer yang sama.. kalo lumpur lapindo lagi bandel, maen ke jogja aja :)


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