Waiting For An Ice Cream

Friday, December 19, 2014

i know, i have been looking at you for a long time
i see a simplicity in you. never talk to much, and has a good attitude
although sometimes you're so annoying, but that's okay, everyone ever do the same, right?

i kept it secret. until i felt disappointed for something you did, and i cried to much for it
i realized that wasn't your fault. it was just about me
i'm who was looking at you
i'm who was falling for you
i'm the one who was to blame for everything
not you

if you need for a help, i dunno i never could refuse to give help
you're just.. so mean to me
and i'm not have a single reason for it
just like, wanna eat an ice cream
i'm addicted to eat more and more

i dunno what is wrong inside of me
i'm like.. useless person in the world
you never see my sincerity
you never feel what i feel
and i know that it's not your fault, again.

so, i decided to forget you
forget everything about you
i'm just your friend and you won't ever realize about my feeling

i have met other person
he's so amazing
i never ask for help, but he's always help me
he always give his best smile for me
and.. i was able to forget you for a while

but, when i meet you again, talk to you again
there still a hope to get an ice cream from you
yes, i'm still waiting for an ice cream
although you won't ever give it to me

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