2nd & 3rd December

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

twenty-three years old, i'm not a child anymore, i've grown. Allah, Thank You for everything you have been giving to me. my ages be on the wane, i hope i become wiser in this life. i wish i can make my parents and family proud of me, i love them so much, i want them to be happy in their life and dead. Allah, make it true, aamiin.

Allah, forgive all my faults. I know, i'm not a perfect person, i make so many mistakes. forgive me, Allah. and please, guide me to always walk in the right way.

Allah, Thank You for giving so many best friends around me. They always remind me when i forget to say Thank To You, strengthen me when i get down, accompany me when i'm alone or sad, make me smile and laugh loudly, hehe. Thank You, Allah.

Thank You for the scenario You have prepared for me. i believe, my life will be a wonderful story :) aamiin.

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