Get Better Soon

Saturday, September 21, 2013

today i feel quite sad and little disappointed
disappointed with myself and friends
really confuse with the situation
don't know what to do and don't know what to say
everything looks complicated and so complex
i tell everything that interfere my mind
i tell it to someone who i think wise enough
he is willing to help me
okay, i fell better than before
sometimes feel good, but sometimes still feel overload
time keeps running, running, and running
finally he call me
he say, everything is ok
no need to be worried
well, we rearrange the pre-production until ready
then start to execution
hmm, okay, thanks so much for your help
i will keep doing my best after this
still feeling down?
no more
i get better soon :')
again and again, i say thank you so much
Allah is always with us, watch us, then guide us
Allah, help us always, aamiin

*hehe, he said it is normal, thanks!

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